We are proud to partner with the following providers to give you a well rounded life, inside and out.


Susan Ceklosky is a Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach, Fitness Center Owner, Figure Competitor, Speaker, Motivator, Author, and Mother to two amazing boys. She helps her clients boost their metabolism, lose weight, and “feel like a million bucks.”

Susan holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Penn State University where she minored in kinesiology, along with a certificate in weight management from the Cleveland Clinic. She recently became an author, writing a chapter in a just released book called “Inspire! Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence.”

Sharing her passion for exercise, clean eating, and leading a balanced life provides a great source of fulfillment and motivation for Susan as well as her clients. She is available for individual and group coaching, speaking engagements, and appearances.


Touchstone Pilates

Touchstone Pilates is a fully equipped, state of the art classical Pilates studio offering private, semi-private and small group sessions. We offer the highest quality classical Pilates instruction available based upon the system of exercises and philosophies originally developed by Joseph Pilates; what is today called True Pilates. Touchstone is the only studio in Pittsburgh offering the True classical Pilates method as handed down by Joseph Pilates directly to his world renown protege’ Romana Kryzanowska.

At Touchstone you will receive individual attention by a Romana’s Pilates® trained and certified instructor who understands how to tailor a workout specific to your body’s needs and capabilities in an atmosphere defined by energy and professionalism. When you are working with a Romana’s Pilates® certified instructor, you can be confident that you are getting quality and experience, not an instructor who achieved certification over the weekend or using a fast track approach. Touchstone’s owner, Lisa Pellow, and instructor, Heather Bartley, are the only currently accredited Romana’s Pilates® certified instructors in Pittsburgh.

Met Performance Lab

Our Philosophy, simply stated…Be Phenomenal.  Every day.  In everything that you do.  We were meant to be strong.  We were meant to be agile.  We were meant to be fast.  We were meant to be more.  We would not have arrived at the top of the food chain had we not.  Many people feel as if the term phenomenal is beyond them.  That their time has passed.  That their window has closed.  At MET. Performance Lab, we believe that phenomenal is a state of mind, not a physical attribute.  We will only ask of you to find YOUR Phenomenal, but be reminded that what one man can do, so can another.