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Manicured Hands

Nail Services

Natural Nail Services

  • Shellac/Gel Soak Off $10 Includes Gel Removal, File & Buff. 

  • Gel Polish Manicure $40 Includes Cuticle Care, File, Buff, Shellac Application, Massage  

  • Rock Star Shellac Manicure $45 Stunning Glitter with Gel Manicure

  • Express Manicure $20 Trim, Shape, Buff & Polish

  • Signature Manicure $30 Trim, Shape, Buff, Cuticle Care, Warm Finger Bath, Massage & Polish

  • Moda Elite $35 Signature Mani & Sugar Scrub for Healthy Glowing Skin


  • Nail Add Ons: $5

  • Nail Repair  $5 and up





  • Express Pedicure $30  Warm Foot Bath, Trim, Shape, Cuticle Care, Polish

  • Signature Pedicure $40   Warm Foot Bath, Trim Shape, Buff, Cuticle Care, Massage, Polish & Towel Service

  • Moda Elite Pedi $50   Includes Signature Pedi plus Sea Scrub and Marine Mask for Optimal Hydration and Relaxation.​

Hand Composition
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